I joined the Advanced Battery Materials and Design group of TIAX in 2005, and when it became CAMX Power, continued on with it. By training, I am a chemist with BS from Northeastern and PhD in inorganic chemistry from MIT (1992). Previously I worked at Foster-Miller and Duracell. My professional experience which stretches 20 plus years and which includes key roles at Foster-Miller and Duracell as well as at TIAX and then CAMX Power, centered on development of electrochemical energy conversion and storage technologies, with inventions in areas of battery state-of-charge sensing and display, solid polymer electrolyte proton exchange membranes, polymer processing, nonaqueous liquid lithium electrolyte, lithium-ion battery active materials, and lithium-ion cell internal short circuit detection. At CAMX Power, I have led or am continuing to lead multiple large development programs in many of these areas. I have been the principal author of many successful grant proposals at CAMX Power. Currently, I am actively involved in material development as well as IP generation, being one of the key inventors of the next generation patents CAMX Power has been granted. I also direct many of the projects that I had proposed to grant agencies.