I have been with TIAX and CAMX Power since 2006. My formal training is in chemistry at Dartmouth (BS) and then in inorganic chemistry at MIT (PhD, 1995). I have expertise in electrochemistry, materials chemistry, and electrical engineering.  While contributing to many programs, my main thrust has been on the development of new safety technologies for lithium-ion batteries, research into the underlying causes of safety incidents in the lithium-ion system, audits of safety incidents involving field-failure of lithium-ion batteries, and development of new materials platforms for Li-ion batteries. I led and continue to lead a number of government and commercial programs in both materials chemistry and electronics. Many of these programs were proposed by me and in the programs I lead, I also have a major hands-on technical role. For instance, in the successful effort to develop and commercialize novel cell equalization and battery management technology for lithium-ion systems, I am involved in initial experimentation and prototyping design phase, through benefits validation and marketing of the technology, to final licensing. Many of the programs I lead or proposed have yielded inventions in the fields of battery systems, electronic systems, and organic semiconductors, with me as the key inventor. Currently, I direct activities and major programs for making batteries safer with, for instance, early detection technologies of incipient shorts where significant patents are pending.