Hiring Approach

Our hiring is centered around talent, excellence, potential and passion. Even as we seek highest levels of achievement from our staff, we aim to contribute to each colleague’s growth and development and maintain a culture of learning and teaching. While we all work hard, it is done in a balanced way so that each one of us has time for our other pursuits including family, friends, extracurricular activities and personal growth.

After fifteen years of stealth operations and now having opened our doors and launched our suite of products to extensively and broadly interact with companies in the supply and use chain of energy storage for EVs and for devices, a market poised to grow exponentially, we have ambitious plans to hire to scale up CAMX Power. We are still in the early stages of that planned growth.  Come join us and be part of the impact we aim to make on lifestyles, on curbing greenhouse gases by contributing to moving CO2 from tailpipes to power plants for better containment, and on the implementation of alternative energy sources.


Advancement of each and every member of our staff is very important for us.  In addition to the annual performance reviews for compensation and promotion, the president periodically interacts with each staff using a framework developed by him called GISTT (Goals, Interests, Strengths, Talent, Training). The results are used to guide a variety of project and responsibility assignments throughout the year and also in creating pathways from one career track to another, for instance from Technology Development to Services or Business Development.


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