Career Tracks

CAMX Power is organized into three technical/professional groups and several administrative/professional units. While we maintain an interactive and collegial environment, each track still has its requirements and pathways for advancement as well as personal growth.
Technology Development is where our core model of taking early stage innovations to maturity is deeply practiced. CAM-7 advancements are central. The core team has been together for a long time.  Innovations, purposeful inventiveness and disruptions for renewal are central to achieving our mission. Each member is always eager to learn as well as to teach and mentor. Professionals range from those with advanced degrees to technicians. Most of the work is on the premises. New hires can look forward to fulfilling and challenging advancements.

Production encompasses the operations of the scale-up plant in Rowley, MA as well as those of the cell making facilities in Lexington.  Rowley is 40 minutes away allowing for interactions between the two locations. A disciplined approach of going from innovation to implementation-readiness is practiced. Most of the work is on the premises of the two facilities. Expertise, passion for production and attention to detail are the building blocks of career paths.

Services heavily draws on the Technology Development and Production units but its focus is on the clients.  Our suite of Structured Service Products as well as Technology Products makes interactions with clients and prospects exciting, stimulating and impactful. Work is both on the premises and also extends to client sites. This group is on a major expansion path. This unit provides career paths for those who want to be the link between development and implementation, and have direct contact with clients. It also provides opportunities for project management training and practice.

Market development is aimed at market communication, prospect identification and lead generation. For those who want to engage with markets and companies but without being responsible for making a sale (closing) this track would be quite attractive.

Leads are screened for compatibility with company strategy and condition as well as capacity to deliver. Sales staff then convert the chosen leads into revenue generating contracts.  This track is ideal for those who enjoy bringing leads to a successful conclusion but do not want to carry the burden of lead identification and development.


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