Terms and Conditions: Many times, terms and conditions become impediments to doing business efficiently and effectively. We always start with mutual business objectives and then identify the terms and conditions that will support those objectives. Towards that end we have a variety of templates that can be used as starting points.

Intellectual Property: With respect to IP, we also take a pragmatic approach keeping in mind our mutual ultimate business objectives. Our view is that the client has to succeed foremost, but we also have to succeed so that we may sustainably support the client. We have a variety of IP models and templates that have been proven to be effective in practice.

Work Structure and Pricing: Except for straightforward product sales, we will define Work Packages with the client’s input that are organized around sub-packages, each with its deliverables and pricing (and if appropriate, with its own terms and conditions). Again, as appropriate there would be go-no go milestones as well as mid-project reviews. A variety of pricing models can be used including fixed pricing, progress-based pricing, milestone/deliverable-based, or envelop (not to exceed) pricing.

Project Initiation and Progress: We will undertake free-of- charge upfront a proposed project by the client at our discretion. This might take a day or more to complete. After that, we will offer a priced proposal with all the relevant terms and conditions. Typically, the work plan has three stages: in stage one on a fixed-price basis we assess what needs to be done more thoroughly and present a detailed work plan for the next stage. This next or second stage is typically the technical execution of the project which is really the heart of the work plan. Stage three is for the final delivery to the client. During all stages we seek extensive interaction with the client so that we do not miss the mark. Also, sometimes as a result of the intermediary results, the client might want modifications to what was to be the deliverable. We will undertake such modifications of the scope and associated budgets.

Postdelivery support: We make our staff available for post-delivery support. It is often advantageous to provide for this and will be priced this into the main Work Package.

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