Working With Us

Formerly a division of TIAX LLC (a company that advances early stage technologies to market readiness), CAMX Power now leads with its premier product, a high-performance cathode material for Li-ion batteries РCAM-7.  We are making CAM-7 available for licensing globally with flexible and customizable arrangements. Licenses as well as accompanying maintenance and services agreements can be tailored to the evolving requirements of the customer.

CAM-7 is IP protected globally. During the past few years CAM-7 has gone through extensive independent evaluations in the field, which have validated CAM-7 applicability to a wide range of applications. Given the range of compositions enabled by our IP, we can quickly formulate variants of CAM-7 for specific requirements.

CAM-7 can be produced in existing cathode plants with minimal adaptations implying that adopting CAM-7 translates to minimal capital expenditure. Our staff is ready to assist in such adaptations.

CAMX Power operates a pilot plant with a nominal capacity of 50 metric tons per year , located in Rowley, MA. While CAMX Power is primarily a licensing entity, we are in a position to supply multi-tons of CAM-7 as a bridge production to a customer that wants to present CAM-7 or cells made with it to its customers.

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